Choosing the right SUP Board for you

There are three basic types of SUP Boards:

1. Surf 2. All Around
3. Touring/Race boards

Surf SUP Boards:

These boards are narrower, and have a narrower nose and tail. These are great boards for in the surf zone, the trade off with these boards is the stability, because they are narrower, it is much more difficult to feel stable and relaxed.

All Around SUP Boards:

All around SUP boards are the most versatile, they are thicker, wider and longer than surf SUP boards. They are great in all kinds of water conditions, in the surf zone, flat water paddling, lake and river paddling as well as ocean riding.

Touring/Race SUP Boards:

Touring boards are long boards, they have a pointy nose and are designed specifically for flat water paddling, these boards are great for cruising. Race boards are a version of a Touring board but they are much narrower, this makes them more difficult to stand on and are considered an advanced board.

Other Considerations:

The size of the board is very important as it needs to relative to the size of the rider. The longer, thicker boards have more volume and will float you better, but you will give up some responsiveness with these larger boards. Width is also an important aspect, you need to feel stable and comfortable standing on the board out in the water, you may be out there for a couple hours, so find a comfortable ride.

Contact us and we’ll gladly help find you the right SUP board type, length, width and thickness for your water type and paddling pleasure.

See you on the water!



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