SUP Boards

SUP Boards

What is a SUP Board? Well for you real beginners, it’s an acronym for Stand Up Paddle Boards, and it’s the newest craze to come to Canada. It’s a great way to enjoy being on the water, enjoying our Canadian summers, getting some core exercise, doing yoga, getting a tan, or if your a SUP board racer, testing your competitive edge.

SUP Boards Canada is gearing up to be Canada’s biggest SUP board supplier and SUP Paddles supplier, we also want to provide the SUP enthusiast with all the latest accessories. Keep posted as we bring you information from our blog that will provide SUP news, SUP board and paddle reviews, upcoming SUP social events and SUP races across Canada.

We sell Bic Dura-Tec SUP boards for beginners and intermediate riders. These SUP boards are sturdy and we stock the Dura-Tec in two lengths, 10’4″ and 11’4″. The length of a SUP board dictates the water volume displacement giving us weight capacity allowances, the longer a board the less responsive when trying to maneuver it and finally length plays a part in the ride based on the water conditions.

The Dura-Tec 10’4″ SUP board is rated as an all around ease of use board, but has a small rating for wave and touring use. It is rated to carry weights up to 180 pounds. Call or email us for prices and pick up.

The Dura-Tec 11’4″ SUP board is also rated as an all around sup board, but is less responsive in waves, it is made more as an all around SUP board and for touring use. It has a higher weight capacity due to it’s length and is rated to carry weights up to 250 pounds.

More SUP Boards coming…

We hope to see you on the water this summer!

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